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Superbly resonate and sublime, Scott. Absolutely wonderful!!

"I am part of that, I am mighty too

take me if you will, but when you do

we both triumph as we are

melded back into a star."

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Excellent piece! I’ve cross-posted and restacked it as well. Loved it, and hope that my readers do!

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It’s like the exact opposite of James Joyce, poetry instead of prose, at peace with thunder as opposed to terrified by it. I can hear the rattle of the rain, and rumble of the thunder in the meter.

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Goodness, thanks so much!

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The poem is a mirror, reflecting our innermost desires to be both part of something larger and to stand unique in our strength. A poetic examination of the human condition.

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Raw power and delicate emotions meld seamlessly in this masterwork. Dive in and feel the storm!

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