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Like the moon and the earth.

Like the moon and the earth,

That's how I feel, every time

I pause upon your fences.

Like the moon and the earth,

That's how I feel, every time

I remember your face, and

Decide to pay you a visit.

Like the moon and the earth,

That's how I feel, every time

I stop by;

Admiring from a distance.

Like the moon, who feel for the earth,

That's how I feel, most nights;

So close and so far,

So filled with longing,

So filled with love and life.

Like the moon and the earth,

That's how I feel, as

I take the last glance;

Done for the night, but

Missing you already.

Like the moon and the earth.

About this poem:

I love the moon, as you can tell and I once heard that there is a love story between these two. To sums it up, one day the moon decided to go for a walk and visit all the planets till it was the turn of the earth and when she did she fell for him but they couldn't stay together and so from that day on, the moon decided that she would come out every day and visit the earth, even if from a distance... Silly perhaps, but it’s sums up what does it mean to love and not have sometimes.

So, I decided to write something that portrays this story and the beauty and sadness I find in it.

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A poem "Water"

Why do you tease and taunt me?

Come into shore and back out again?

Waves carrying stories and souls and untold dreams?

Surrounding me-very nobly, you of the Greatest of lakes?

Michigan's treasures-calm and dangerous; peaceful and treacherous

sometimes bright and cheerful; sometimes cold and dark

I thank you for being a place where I can bring my happiest of days and the

saddest ones I have ever lived to your shores

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Years ago, I lost a grandparent to it.

Today, I'm losing a parent

The losses start out small, tiny pebbles of forgetfulness

Now, mountains of memory have been claimed

In response to a nurse's query, he does give her his address. She does not know it is to a house that he hasn't seen in seventy years.

This morning, when asked if he had children

—he said "no". So, I show up this afternoon... one of his four non-existent "kids".

My dad is 93. I am 60. He knows who I am.

For now. He once was a master speaker. Now, he responds with a word or two. We laugh a little, he smiles. He's happy and that's all that matters.

Most of everything is forgotten. Except love.

Except love.

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That torrid trauma is like a storm that lingers long....

It sends its torrents ,beats and blows it's gales but will soon be gone.

I know that heaviness inside you carry seems far too much to bear...

I know that life at times feels so unfair.

The dark one only tests those that the ever shining light has placed his hand upon their shoulder...

Those tests will only serve to cement your purpose and make you ever blessed and bolder.

Accept that parts of you will always battle demons with struggles to endure....

Yet the rest of you has integrity and a quiet strength that's pure.

You may not see it right now but you're about to thrive...

You'll shift those burdens from off your back and lose that weight inside.

Just watch , you'll rise.

Just watch , you'll fly.

Know this ,

The journey can sometimes be slow with heavy crosses to bear....

Yet know this ,

You possess that quiet confidence and strength to get you there.

Next time that cloud descends and all seems so dark and dire...

Your light within will break through to blue sunlit skies and you'll rise ever higher.

Although those demons you fight may seem at times they're here to stay...

So is the strength installed within to keep them at beat and at bay.

Let them serve to remind you that you have a strength ordained that cannot be overcome....

However dark the day or cold the night you'll always eventually feel the warmth of the sun.

So rise this day and rise ever higher on the days you're feeling low....

Safe in the knowledge you'll fulfil your purpose and reach the place you're destined to go.


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I dont know if this is allowed but I am posting the links to two poems i have written that hold the most meaning and value, out of the many other works I have published.



Thank you for considering my work and I look forward to the chance to reach readers that might get something out of my thoughts and emotions, the chance to connect people and make the world a little smaller in that sense.

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Here's the link! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it: https://medium.com/p/a88f6b824bf3

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Here comes the link to my poem:


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Here's a link to a poem of mine about denying our emotions. Thank you if you decide to check it out. https://medium.com/@JessicakMoody/denying-emotions-with-the-positive-3d8c0d0b6972

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Here's a link to a poem of mine.

Thank you.


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Here's a popular poem of mine. https://medium.com/@lkilham/revival-a9f633d6f58e

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Here is a recently written poem of Mine called, "Mr. Cohen"


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