I have always been a puzzle,
A labyrinth of thoughts, with hidden corners
And secret passageways that lead to the heart.

You are too. We all are.

We stumble through life,
Searching for meaning in every piece

Have You heard of The Augmented's Journey?

The Augmented's Journey is a collective, free-verse poetry substack documenting what it's like to be alive in an uncertain future narrative. Each new installment brings you over the horizon to confront the variousness of the world without facts or platitudes.

So what's up with this Augmented's Journey thing, then?

You are all invited on an augmented journey into a complex, unknown future. Each episode provides you with insight into how augmented reality has redefined our sense of place and time.

Who's this for - my kid or me?

It's not about age... it's about coming out of your box, bucking the system, and thinking creatively. This is for anyone who wants to see things differently. Anyone who wants to be inspired by examples of how new poetry can transform the way we live our lives. It's for anyone who wants to think outside of the square.

When will the Journey start?


How do I get involved?

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